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Vlog series

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frequently asked questions


Q.  What are the management percentage?

A.  The average is 15% depends on agreement 

Q.  How long is the management contract duration?

A.  Approximately 1- 2 years (Max)

Q.  Are services available for signed artist?

A.  Depends on agreement, Independent only 

Q.  Are these services available to the public?

A.  Depends on requested service

Q.  Can this company get people signed to major labels?

A. Maybe, Strongly depends on supply and demand of niche

Q.  What are the benefits of members with this company?

A.  Based on agreements with company services are FREE 


Q.  What do we expected from members?

A.  Dedication, Loyalty, Honest, Talent, and Respect


Q.  Can this company help people get paid?

A. Yes, depends on supply and demand of niche

Q. What is the producers and writer share?

A.  One producer get 50%, Two producers get 25% a piece and writer share is 50% for artist. If artist did not write the entire song or under a music distribution agreement the writer share can vary on split sheet.

Q.  Can we help people get placements?

A.  Yes and No, most require a fee to feature on projects or get beats on projects creating possible risk if member doesn't already have a buzz. Note: Once you establish a strong fan-base than you search for placements.