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The MarTian - SMG

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Space Swagger 

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Space Swagger is an apparel company founded 2015 and established 2021. The company is known for hats, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and accessories


Planet Rack Records

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Planet Rack Records is a indie recording company founded 2017. The company is known for recording services, music distribution, and publishing. 

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Only Few Get Selected

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Only Few Get Selected is a creative agency, and music production company was founded 2020. The company is known for instrumentals, fine arts, mobile apps, and branding.



YouTube  Partner

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YouTube Partnership Program 


Symphonic Dist

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Symphonic Distribution is a digital music distribution company. We have a joint partnership



Rap Genius 

Genius is an American digital media company founded in August 2009. The site allows users to provide annotations and interpretation to song lyrics, news stories, sources, poetry, and documents.

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