List of visual art by creators The MarTian - SMG

All graphics designs projects are created with royalty free photos we do not believe in using copyright stock photos unless we have permission from the creator of intellectual property.

The completion can vary based on request difficulty no longer than week at latest completion. Musicians are required to pay half of upfront cost of cover ( ex. $300 for a cover design divided by 2 equals $150.00 ) the remaining balance is due among-st completion of cover artwork. Pricing is subject to change based on difficulty of the project requested 

Musicians that signed up to the GOLD plan at Build Your Link are not required to give deposit the cover artwork voucher included will pay for cover artwork full cost. 


  • Dimensions / Pixel Size: At least 1600 x 1600 pixels, but 3000 x 3000 pixels is recommended

  • Size in Inches: 3000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi (which is 10 x 10 inches) is recommended

  • Resolution: at least 72 dpi, but 300 dpi is required for Amazon on Demand physical CD covers

  • Format: JPG, PNG, or GIF

  • Aspect Ratio: Must be a perfect square

  • Best quality RGB Color Mode (this includes black and white images). No blurry or pixelated images